Java Journeys
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‘A Tour to Take the Ravel out of Travel’
Java Journeys were organised so that Australian Christians could see and assess the work of Hope for the Children.

Tour members are introduced to the work of HFTC and provide an opportunity to meet and participate in activities with some of the children.

This tour allows you to see the REAL Indonesia; living amongst the very poor families in villages near Malang, East Java.

Hope for the Children Indonesia is a sponsorship plan to help underprivileged children in Malang, Indonesia.

Sponsors money pays the child’s school fees, buys school books and uniforms, also Scout or Guide uniforms, provides a ‘going out’ set of clothing and meets dental and medical expenses.

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Would you like to sponsor a needy child?

(This may be paid annually - $240.00,
1/2 yearly - $120.00, or quarterly - $60.00.
Monthly at $20.00 may suit some best.)

Payment can be made by cheque, money order or direct credit. (Contact me for direct credit details). Read More >

Mrs Nancy Seddon
Honorary Coordinator, HFTC

Phone: (03) 9725 3187
Mobile: 0428 380 538
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